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Power Pilates

Build control, core strength, balance, muscular endurance and flexibility in an intense Pilates class. Based on the Pilates method, Power Pilates is a full body workout focused on intensity and burning sensations. We often use props like the Theraband, Overball, blocks and weights and move to energetic, motivating music.

Harmonizing Yin & Crystal Bowls

In this beautiful Friday evening class we fully let go. We focus on slowing down and finding stillness in our postures to harmonize body, mind, and energy. With the breath we quiet the mind, allowing the body to relax in Asanas for a while and release the tension. Sara’s voice and the soundbath will lead you to your ease and tranquility – feeling grounded and hugged for the weekend.

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow

In this dynamic flow you are invited to align with yourself and feel back in touch with yourself. A strong flow that ignites your inner fire and leads you to a peak pose – with time to try variations.Then equally time for calming down to feel the effects of your practice. Always coming back to the core: why are we practicing?
As Isabelle Dikumbi is also a musician she will always have a sound surprise in Shavasana for you. We end the practice with a short meditation.


Jivamukti Open by Gesina

In this class, physical exercises come together with music, guided breathing, spiritual themes and meditation. Jivamukti Yoga combines ethical and spiritual ideas with a powerful practice that allows practitioners to connect the teachings in class to their everyday lives. You practice within your own means, supported by the guidance of the teacher, who always offers different variations and hands-on-assists. In each class you will chant, get philosophical input from the ancient yogic scriptures, meditate and relax in shavasana after practice.

Vinyasa & Meditation

Take this class to nourish your body after a long day bringing back an energy flow. Then winding down & taking time for a longer meditation at the end.A perfect way to enter into your evening.

Jivamukti Open by Sophie

A Jivamukti class is built around its 5 tenets: ahimsa (kindness), asana (seat or connection to Earth), bhakti (devotion), shastra (study of ancient scriptures) and nada (sound). You will be carefully guided through powerful breath-led vinyasa sequences as well as steady holds. In each class you will chant, get philosophical input from the ancient yogic scriptures, meditate and relax after practice.

Kundalini Dance Activation

A fusion of Kundalini yoga and dance floor meditation, this class unlocks the path to ’nirvana,‘ where each moment is perfect and pleasurable. Explore your body’s potential, express your inner life, and embody the present. Dive into a movement meditation within a dancefloor setting, harnessing sound frequencies to cleanse your being. This is a sacred yet bold sanctuary, a space to recognize, release, and transform blockages and limitations. Connect to the power of your groove, give in, surrender, and exchange energy. The more you invest, the more you receive. Discover pleasure, passion, and freedom within the groove. Join us for an energy-filled journey!

Creative Vinyasa Flow

Flow with me in a creative dynamic vinyasa class where we will explore movement through asanas and functional exercises to generate heat and prepare yourself safely for a peak pose. We’ll move on the rhythm of your breath (ujjayi) and with music to stimulate the senses. All levels are welcome.

Inside Flow

„Music has healing power“ This class seamlessly blends yoga with contemporary music beats. Inside Flow presents a choreographed sequence of asanas synchronized to a specific song. In the first section of the session, we methodically practice the sequence of asanas, guided by the rhythm of the beat and harmonizing breath and movement. You acquire the ability to move rhythmically and create smooth transitions. In the phase that follows, we seamlessly step through the sequence in unison with our chosen song. Give the song your unique interpretation and let it all flow!

Strong & Slow Vinyasa

Welcome to our ‚Strong & Slow Vinyasa‘ class, a sanctuary where strength meets stillness and every movement is infused with intention. Prepare to journey through a sequence carefully curated to build resilience in both body and mind. Guided by the rhythm of your breath, explore the dynamic interplay of fluid vinyasa flow and grounding holds. Join us as we cultivate presence on the mat, embracing the transformative power of yoga with each mindful movement. Together, let’s discover the balance of effort and ease, strength and surrender, in this sacred space of practice.

Energizing Flow

Take a break in the middle of the day for yourself. In this energizing flow we will move through different asanas dynamically to end with some gentle stretches to help you feel energized for the rest of the day, leaving you with a sense of well-being.

Hips Don't Lie – Vinyasa

Stiffness, lower back or knee pain, & even emotional blockages often arise through tight hip muscles and rigid joints.

This class is for all levels and will guide you through a flowy vinyasa practice with mobilizing, strengthening, stretching & shaking the whole body but focusing on your core, legs and hips.

Kundalini Yoga & Gong

Kundalini Yoga and Gong: creatively taught by Ben Okamoto (Boto). Kundalini yoga is one of the quickest methods of ascension into ‘nirvana’ – where every moment of infinity is perfect and pleasurable. The teaching and practice of ancient techniques used in Kundalini such as physical asana, meditation, mantra, breath-work and imagination allows us to activate dormant powers of connection, creativity and physical mastery that is available to all beings.

Jivamukti Open by Pauline

In this class, physical exercises come together with music, guided breathing, spiritual themes and meditation. Jivamukti Yoga combines ethical and spiritual ideas with a powerful practice that allows practitioners to connect the teachings in class to their everyday lives. You practice within your own means, supported by the guidance of the teacher, who always offers different variations and hands-on-assists. In each class you will chant, get philosophical input from the ancient yogic scriptures, meditate and relax in shavasana after practice.

Power Vinyasa Flow

Fast-paced vinyasa flow that enhances strength, flexibility & endurance. Embrace challenges, explore limits, & connect with your inner self. Uniting athleticism & spirituality, this empowering class breaks distractions, leaving you more uplifted & refreshed.

Morning Yinyasa

The best of both: this hybrid class seeks to restore balance by guiding practitioners into presence and present. The class begins with breath work (Pranayama) to stimulate an energetic shift in the body and the nervous system. Then we will mobilize the spine and the joints before shifting between flowing, energetic movements (like Surya Namaskar) and passive, sustained, prop-supported Yin postures which bring blood-flow and oxygen back to the fascia. This practise is ultimately about detoxing body and mind, and inviting a meditative quality to both movement and stillness. Class ends with a long, restorative Shavasana and/or seated meditation.

Booty & Abs Sculpt

A dynamic mat-pilates inspired class that will light your glutes and abs on fire! We’ll use props like booty-bands or a pilates ball to provide that extra burn. Expect good beats, lots of sweat, smiles, and endorphins

Yin Yoga & Sound Meditation

Take a moment at the beginning of your week to slow down and find your centre. In this gentle yet deep yin practice, you will cultivate stillness while opening the body, strengthening the connective tissues and stimulating the meridians to enhance the flow of energy. Expect delicious long-held stretches, nuggets of wisdom from the Eastern mindfulness traditions, a carefully curated playlist and a sound meditation savasana. No prior experience needed

Vinyasa Love

Yoga, we wake up in oneness, in love. A little Meditation, Breathing, Vinyasa, deeper Stretch, while focusing on the light, being conscious, letting go of distractions. All souls with an open mind and “levels” of practice are invited. We end the session in Shavasana, maybe some Gong, a little story read out of one of my fav books on the topic of Union, Love, Oneness, who are you? Namasté

Slow Flow to Surrender

Join Sabeth in a Slow Flow during which you get to enjoy a lush bouquet of Asana, Pranayama and meditation, approaching different themes and foci in a creative and joyful way. The sensations created by Asana practice and the Vibration of Mantra Chanting are being used to tune into the present moment and get you ready for a soulful weekend.

Vinyasa Flow: Harmony in Motion

Experience the dynamic energy of „Harmony in Motion,“ a Vinyasa Flow yoga class. This invigorating practice blends breath and movement promoting balance strength and serenity at the same time.
You will be guided through a sequence that builds heat releases tension and cultivates calmness. Flowing seamlessly between poses synchronizing breath with each movement.

Weekend Flow

This Saturday morning class is a revitalizing 75-minute class that aims to both ground and energize your body. Immerse yourself in a creative blend of Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga – perfect for both beginners and advanced yogis. We flow gracefully in yoga asanas that promote flexibility and strength. With a strong emphasis on mindful breathing, this session will leave you feeling centered and connected. 

Sunrise Flow

You can expect a vigorous and sequenced practice of asanas, concentration/meditation exercises, breathing techniques, chanting and philosophy. The class can be adapted to value all beginners who would like to start their yoga journey.

Soft Sunday Flow

A gentle, balanced Vinyasa class that invites you to open your heart and find confidence in your body. In a soft sequence of warm-ups, sun salutations and various standing, seated and lying poses, we will strengthen, stretch, and flow to the sound of the music, with our bodies’ intuition guiding us. Ending on pranayama, meditation and a soothing Savasana, you will leave the class rejuvenated and a little bit more in love with yourself. „You don’t need loneliness, for you couldn’t possibly be alone.

Breathe & Flow Vinyasa

This class invites you to connect to your breath and move seamlessly with the breath from one posture to the next. With an emphasis on key alignment principles, this class is both energizing and releasing. Each class integrates pranayama and other breathwork practices to foster a sense of presence and clear energetic blocks. Yogis of all levels are welcome.

Foundations of Yoga

In this workshop-style class, you will dive deep into the alignment principles of 2-3 foundational yoga postures – exploring variations and modifications for each one to find an expression of the posture that works for you. Each class explores a particular theme related to yoga philosophy and invites us to reflect on why we practice yoga and how we can integrate its teachings into our daily lives.

Somatics, Restorative & Sound

Find deep relaxation on all levels and restore your body-mind complex to its optimal health. The practice starts with gentle breathwork and slow floor-based (clinical) somatic exercises to consciously release the muscles, preparing the body for stillness. Then, supported by a beautiful soundscape with ancient instruments, you will enter restorative postures to slow down completely and rest deeply.

Sound Healing Immersion

Embark on Jorhito’s Sound Journey. An enchanting fusion of artistry, healing, and Gongs’ mystical allure. Experience profound vibrations, evoking relaxation and curiosity for the captivating world of sound healing. Harmonize heart and mind, leaving transformed and attuned to life’s symphony.

Gong Bath Experience

Indulge in the gentle embrace of Gong Bath – an exquisite journey to relaxation, creativity, and well-being. Harmonize your being, rejuvenating with soothing vibrations that restore balance and elevate energy. Discover inner tranquility, a symphony of calmness, and renewed vitality in

Gong Bath - Week Release

Let the waves of sound carry you into deep states of meditation and relaxation. Surrender to the intensity of vibrations while they move through your body, releasing stagnant energies and guiding your mind, body and soul into coherence. This weekly gong bath aims to recalibrate your system, supporting you on your own personal odyssey towards healing and wholeness.