Carolina Fanti

»You’re once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.« – Isadora Ducan

I am a dance artist and have chosen the body as the predominant language to express myself in this world. I am a yoga and pilates teacher. I learned those practices at a young age, through my mum. Now I have been practising for more than twelve years, I’m a yoga teacher (300RYS) and a certified Pilates instructor, teaching ashtanga, vinyasa and pilates since 2015.

With a background in ballet and contemporary dance, I have explored the body through different practices: from yoga styles, oriental practices, Chinese medicine, to more focused workouts, seeing my body as an instrument instead of an ornament. My teaching is a journey into the inner body to discover the path to the real connection with yourself. The body embodies the meaning of transformation, explaining that life isn’t a linear process.




Their Class

Power Pilates Flow

Power Pilates Flow

Through a vigorous and challenging flow performed in connection with the breath, we develop body control and awareness, strengthening muscles through fluidity of movements. In this class I bring you to connect with yourself, focus on alignment and sweat out all the stress of the week. The class helps you to cultivate a way of being grounded and revitalize your energy. All levels are welcome.

Sunday’s 9.30AM
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