Sara Sembrar

»What is needed is not self-denial or self-repression, but liberation from our mistaken idea of self. And the way to this release is by realizing that what we call self is in fact ephemeral a phenomenon of constant change!« – S.N Goenka

With her grounded charisma, Sara manages to create a space in which all participants feel comfortable. With her inner fire, she sparks the desire in everyone to dive into the practice and let themselves fall. Her gift is her sound. Be it with a soundbath or with a powerful vinyasa class. Sara’s voice takes you to another place: you. The goal is to find yourself a little more in between all the big city hustle and bustle. To feel yourself and so to find acceptance for the past, ease for the future and power for the here and now.

Their Classes

Body, Mind & Energy | Harmonizing Soundbath

Body, Mind & Energy | Harmonizing Soundbath

In this beautiful Friday evening class we fully let go. We focus on slowing down and finding stillness in our postures to harmonize body, mind, and energy. With the breath we quiet the mind, allowing the body to relax in Asanas for a while and release the tension. Sara’s voice and the soundbath will lead you to your ease and tranquility – feeling grounded and hugged for the weekend.

Friday’s 8.30PM
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