• 15.06.24
  • 4PM–5.30PM
  • 20€ / USC Check-in + 15€
  • 15.06.24
  • 4PM–5.30PM
  • 20€ / USC Check-in + 15€


In this transformative special class, we delve into somatic yoga tailored specifically to address women’s health concerns and menstrual disorders. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, embracing the harmonious connection between body and mind.

Self-care for your inner balance. Feeling discomfort during your cycle or days before it starts, do you have an irregular cycle, or have you been diagnosed recently with endometriosis? Do you have strong PMS, anxiety, depression or painful menstruation? This workshop will help you through yoga practice, breathing exercise, relaxation, yoga nidra, gong bath and more to relieve stress and give you concrete tools in case of pain or discomfort.
We create a nurturing environment where women can explore their bodies‘ natural rhythms and cultivate a deeper understanding of their menstrual cycles. By fostering awareness and acceptance, we empower women to embrace their femininity and reclaim control over their reproductive health.

A sound bath at the end to fully surrender to the experience. <3

Whether you’re seeking relief from menstrual symptoms, striving to enhance your overall well-being, or simply craving a sacred space to connect with other women, this workshop offers a supportive community and practical tools to help you thrive at every stage of your menstrual journey. Join us as we celebrate the innate wisdom of the female body and embark on a path towards greater health, balance, and vitality.

A time you take for yourself to attune with the beauty of your feminine cycle. You are not alone! YOU ARE WELCOME wherever you are in your cycle, with menstruation or if you take contraception pills.
All levels of yoga are welcome.


Payment is only refunded if you cancel 24h before the event starts

If you book this special event via Urban Sports Club, you still need to pay 15€ via our website or at the studio (card/paypal) to attend the special event. With your USC Check-in at the studio you get a discount of 5€. Regular Price is 20€.

More about Fanny Akasha

Fanny began her journey in yoga to cultivate a sense of inner peace and safety. She believes yoga helps one manifest a sense of surrender necessary for undergoing the journey inwards with the purpose of holding a new, nurturing space for the self into which we grow. In doing this for the self we learn the skill which allows us to do it for those in our community thus propagating a sense of healing and belonging. The path of practicing and teaching yoga has been a  transformative journey. Additionally, she is diving in the power of sound healing to deepen the experience and embodiment of profound relaxation, through body-mind connection, movement, stillness, and sounds.