• 10.02.24
  • 3PM–5.30PM
  • 44 – 55 – 66€
  • 10.02.24
  • 3PM–5.30PM
  • 44 – 55 – 66€

Inner Dance & Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening is being described as a magical experience, by many teachings, an experience in which prana, kundalini, light and love is moving freely through the body from the root chakra up to the crown chakra. This can be a life-changing spiritual awakening, experience, that brings about profound changes in consciousness. Time line – sharing and space for questions – meditation, to arrive – breathwork – kundalini activation, lie down in shavasana, music starts playing and we invite the energy in. Experiences reported during the session: I feel relaxed, I feel a warm glow inside, I feel my chest bulging, I feel open, I feel a wild energy or light traveling and moving through my body, I have visions, I feel like I am having a psychedelic experience, I feel a release, I am crying, screaming, sad, I am happy, I am trampling with my hands and feet, my body is dancing.

The effects of kundalini activation, similar to kundalini yoga, breathwork and other practices that tap into the kundalini energy, can sometimes occur the same day of the practice or a view weeks later. This practice can include shadow and trauma work, release. Please be your own Buddha, do your own research, you are responsible for you, no one else. Follow your intuition, guidance, inner voice. The light does what the light does. Kundalini Awakening can happen at any time, while peeling potatoes or while dancing to your favo song. Some practices seem too trigger, be a catalyst for this awakening to happen. Some say “brought strokes” be careful, the high mount of energy, kundalini traveling freely through your vessel, can burn the body and mind, if the body and mind are not ready. Some say the energy will show you what it wants to show you. Some say, there is no way around integration. Some say trust. Some say many people, spirits who are on Earth at the present time, during the shift, age of Aquarius, are travelers coming from 4th, 5th, 6th density, many might be ready for this possibly live changing experience. Some say you don’t need anything; you are perfect as is, you are perfection. Be your own Buddha. Some say it feels like getting the keys to the castle, your full potential.

No smoking, no drinking alcohol, no coffee, no consuming drugs, no sugar, do asana practice, yoga gymnastics combined with conscious breathing and meditation, clear your mind, let go of the drama, be love, no eating animal products. This is purely inspiration and creates no guarantees, this is not a doctor’s suggestion or advice. These suggestions apply when participating and also, haha, when not participating in the Inner Dance session. This practice can be a big leap, make sure you are fit, body, mind and spirit.

What to bring? 
If you fancy bring a sleeping mask, or scarf to cover your eyes and optionally headphones. Both is not a must, though can be a nice option to have with you.


Arriving and introduction and questions

Meditation, Breathwork and Little Asana practice, Movement

Kundalini Activation – We lie on our backs on the yoga mat, music starts playing, and we and Sebastiaan invite the energy in, Inshallah.

Slowly coming back to sitting, space for sharing

More about Sebastiaan Brinkman

Sebastiaan – Wishes you love and light [ENG/DE/NL] is teaching, opening space for Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Handstands, Inversions, Meditation, Breathwork, Sound Baths, [ Kundalini Activation] , is a Photographer, Music Producer, and shares Stories, related to: the Tao, Yoga Sutras, Buddhism, Zen, I Ching, Gene Keys, God, Consciousness, Reincarnation, the Densities, Kundalini, in short, about LOVE. Every yoga session they, Sebastiaan, reads a view line out of their favorite books on these subjects.

I am full of excitement, gratitude and love regarding learning, creating, sharing “the teachings” and my practice. During Yoga classes I enjoy practicing Union, Love, Oneness, this goes beyond the Asana Practice. A fav question of mine is: Who are we, you, I? I feel love is my path, be curious, fear is perfection and at times I, you, we can also let it go, we are beautiful.