• 30.03.24
  • 6PM–8PM
  • 25€
  • 30.03.24
  • 6PM–8PM
  • 25€

Embodiment Journey: Movement | Breath | Sound

Join us on a somatic journey of self-exploration in our 2-hour workshop, where we will guide you through different embodied practices to connect to your three bodies: Earth, Subtle, and Truth Body. After this workshop, you will feel empowered to use these tools at any moment and reconnect back to the wisdom of your own body.

🌍 Earth Body Connection: Grounding Practices

Our Earth body is our physical body. Through yoga asana we will anchor you to the present moment and connect you deeply with the Earth. We will cultivate a sense of stability, promoting a solid foundation for the exploration of your inner realms.

🌬️ Subtle Body Activation: Energy Exploration

The subtle body is our emotional and mental body. We will transition through a guided meditation that will open our inner channels and continue our exploration with intuitive movement and shaking designed to tap into the subtle energies that flow within you.

💫 Truth Body Immersion:

Our truth body is our spiritual body. We prepare to receive the gong vibrations through activating breathwork and release into the moment to feel our inner truth. In this final practice we integrate all our bodies and allow ourselves to simply be in the present.

This workshop is a blend of ancient wisdom and modern practices, curated to guide you through a profound exploration of your three bodies. Whether you are new to these concepts or experienced in embodiment and somatic practices, join us for an enriching experience that intends to leave you with a heightened sense of self-awareness and a renewed connection to all layers of your being.

What to expect:

Yoga | Meditation | Intuitive Movement | Shaking | Breathwork |Gongs | Somatics | Embodiment

What to bring:
Comfortable clothes to move in
journaling book
Water bottle

by Juliana Alvarez & Nino Tsavalos
Important: Payment is only refunded if you cancel 24h before the event starts

More about Nino Tsavalos

I experienced three herniated disc prolapses which prompted me to develop a deeper connection with my body and mind. Yoga immediately decreased my pain level which inspired me to deepen my practice through a magical YTT on Isla Mujeres during my travels through Mexico. After completing my YTT, I traveled to Puerto Escondido for a workaway at an eco-hostel nestled on a mountainside where I immediately forged a deep connection with a kind-hearted hostel manager who happened to have an unused rooftop. Starting from the second day, I offered complimentary classes on that rooftop after sunset and felt an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude.
Back to Germany i started teaching at HAR, Yoga Now and now I am super excited to join Julia’s open studio team <3