Maike Kimm

»All awakening to love is spiritual awakening.« – Bell Hooks

I am an artist, meditation coach and certified sound therapist.

While having always been able to discover the world with curiosity and see through the eyes of an artist, it was only much later in life that my own healing journey as well as my deep connection to nature ultimately led me to meditation and sound.

My work is an ever evolving sharing of things I have found on my way and have benefitted greatly from.

In my classes I hold space for you to get in touch with yourself by creating an environment where we use sound as a resource. You’re invited to explore, to cultivate and to connect with your inner and outer truths.

Their Class

Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation

This class is a synthesis of mindfulness exercises and sound. A journey from moments of presence and awareness to states of deep mental and physical relaxation. With sound being the resource, this space is open for you to connect with yourself. By choosing from a variety of instruments like singing bowls, chimes & gongs the soundscape in every class will be unique.

Wednesday’s 8.30PM
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