Jorhito Briseño

»Let the symphony of sound healing weave its melody through your soul, harmonizing every aspect of your being and awakening the power within to heal and thrive.«

Jorhito’s journey is a tapestry of artistry, sustainability, and healing. With a background in architecture and lighting, he spent over 12 years illuminating lives with a touch of art and eco-consciousness. Alongside this path, he delved deep into the transformative realm of Yoga, exploring Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Restorative practices for 22 years. Driven by a humble desire to share the benefits, he now guides others on a healing path.

In recent times, a new chapter has unfolded as he embraced the enchanting world of sound. Through the mystical allure of Gongs and other musical instruments, Jorhito aspires to nourish souls and elicit relaxation, creativity, and natural healing. His subtlety and distinct style weave a unique and soothing trip, opening doorways to the profound powers of vibrations. With an unwavering dedication, he seeks to harmonize hearts and minds, leaving a symphony of tranquility in his wake.

Their Classes

Dynamic Sunset Yoga

Step into the rhythm of the day with Sunset Hatha Yoga, a fusion of active and passive energies that echoes nature’s transitions. As the sun gracefully sets, our practice awakens with a surge of masculine energy. Through dynamic movements and focused breath work, we build strength and flexibility while aligning body and mind.

Friday’s 7PM

Sound Healing Immersion

Embark on Jorhito’s Sound Journey. An enchanting fusion of artistry, healing, and Gongs’ mystical allure. Experience profound vibrations, evoking relaxation and curiosity for the captivating world of sound healing. Harmonize heart and mind, leaving transformed and attuned to life’s symphony.

Monday’s 8.30PM

Gong Bath Experience

Indulge in the gentle embrace of Gong Bath – an exquisite journey to relaxation, creativity, and well-being. Harmonize your being, rejuvenating with soothing vibrations that restore balance and elevate energy. Discover inner tranquility, a symphony of calmness, and renewed vitality in

Friday’s 8.30PM